WELCOME TO OUR – Aluma Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in our “Aluma Ambassador Program.” We are thrilled to have you as a part of our promotional team. As a medical aesthetic business, we thrive on showcasing our before and after pictures. Your inclusion in our marketing campaigns will help other potential clients see the beauty behind what we do through you. Please view our below FAQs to learn more. 

What Are the Benefits of Being an Aluma Ambassador?

We offer at least 50% off your entire treatment in exchange for full-face photography and video documenting parts of your consultation, treatment, and follow-up appointment. To qualify, you must be able to attend the follow-up appointment.  We will have the date set in advance so you can make plans. Our photographers will be filming quarterly to highlight client follow-ups and take headshots. Your treatment can take place on a day that works well for your schedule. 

Where will my Imagery be used?

As an ambassador, your images may be featured on Instagram, Facebook, emails/newsletters to our current client base, and our website. We typically showcase the before and after photos, a beautiful headshot, and a short video clip. Please see below for an example.  We are here to work with you, so if there is a photo you genuinely do not want to be showcased, we will find an alternative.

How Do I Become An Ambassador?

First, begin by filling out the short form below. In the message section, write your treatment of interest (i.e. Botox/Dysport, Lip Filler, Full Face Refresh, Lower Face Refresh, Tear Troughs, Threads, Sculptra, or Kybella). We will review your submission, and a member of our Aluma staff will reach out regarding the next steps. Please note that not every submission will be chosen, as available slots for that quarter may fill quickly.

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showing effects of mid face filler

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