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The Best Facials in Portland Are at Aluma

Aluma’s one-hour, medical-grade facial is designed to address your skin’s unique needs. Clients regularly report that our Signature Facial has transformed their skin’s surface. The relaxing treatment uses traditional steam for a deep cleanse, prepping the skin for extractions. Our Clinical Esthetician, Tatum, uses SkinMedica products to gently exfoliate, target dullness, un-clog pores, and rehydrate your skin. It’s finished with a pH-balancing mist, a custom calming mask, and gentle massage. With the skin primed to absorb actives, this comprehensive regimen applies a corrective serum followed by SPF as the final touch.

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Brighten Dull Skin With Aluma Chemical Peels in Portland

Chemical peels are a standard resurfacing procedure with the advantages of price point, quickness, and therapeutic flexibility. Chemical peels injure the epidermis to promote the wound healing response and amplify cellular turnover using alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic, phytic, lactic, and salicylic acids as catalysts. Light or superficial peels are great for improving acne, brightening discolorations, and evening skin texture and color. At Aluma, we see value in alternating chemical peels with microneedling to target skin texture complaints comprehensively.

Our Process

We suggest three peels spaced three to four weeks apart for optimal results. The first peel helps exfoliate the dead skin cells and removes built-up proteins on the skin’s surface. The second peel treats the skin imperfections, like whiteheads, that emerge from deeper layers. The third peel reinforces the cumulative effects of your treatments, sustaining the brightness and clarity you’ve gained.

Illuminize Peel

Known as the “Red Carpet Peel” in the industry, this illuminating treatment utilizes newer generation AHA acids (mandelic and malic) combined with phytic acid, salicylic, and resorcinol to improve color, clarity, and texture with little to no downtime.

Vitalize Peel

This popular SkinMedica peel decreases the appearance of pore size, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. It also is great for those suffering from acne. Key ingredients like salicylic acid, resorcinol, retinol, panthenol, and lactic acid provide vibrant, radiant skin noticeable after one treatment.

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FAQ: Chemical Peels

How should I prepare for my chemical peel treatment?

Avoid retinols, topical acids, and hydroquinone for a week before your treatment. Additionally, some clients prefer to arrive for their appointment with a clean, makeup-free face. However, our esthetician always cleanses your face prior to application.

What is the downtime for a chemical peel?

Superficial chemical peels have little to no downtime and often offer all the benefits of a chemical peel without peeling.

How much do your chemical peels cost?

Aluma chemical peels run from $150-180, depending on the service.

Do chemical peels hurt?

Aside from mild tingling, Aluma peels do not hurt.

Are chemical peels safe?

At Aluma, we only offer superficial peels that are safe for all skin types.

FAQ: Aluma Facials

How should I prepare for my facial?

Come in with a clean face free of cosmetics. Let your esthetician know your skin concerns and what products you use regularly, especially if a retinoid is part of your regime. We will apply SkinMedica’s mineral SPF as your final layer.

What is the aftercare and downtime associated with facials?

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to facials. Since SkinMedica products are formulated for sensitive and sensitized skin, few clients experience mild skin purging. The Aluma team is happy to support your aftercare, so consult with your esthetician on how you should best care for your post-facial skin.  

How much does the Signature Facial cost?


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Learn More About Our Practice & Treatments

We’re proud to provide exceptional chemical peels and facials in Portland, Oregon. Aluma is different from your average med spa. Learn about our practice and how we approach treatments and patient care.

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