Sculptra for the Neck

Similar to facial aging, the skin and underlying tissues of the neck also undergo aging processes. Over time, the neck shows fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and increased skin laxity. Advancements in aesthetic procedures now offer solutions beyond facial rejuvenation, making the noticeable contrast between rejuvenated facial features and the aging neck less apparent. Treatments like Sculptra, botulinum toxin, and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are now being utilized on the neck to improve neck texture, tone, and firmness. 

Top Neck Complaints at Aluma

  • Transverse neck lines – These are the deep horizontal lines in the neck, commonly known as “tech neck” or “necklace lines.”
  • Prominent vertical bands – These tendon-looking bands run downward from the top of the neck and are usually more noticeable when smiling. The bunching of the platysmus muscle causes them. 
  • Excess skin laxity, fine lines, and irregular pigmentation – This is also called “turkey neck,” the sentiment for loose, saggy neck skin.  

What Treatment is Best for Neck Aging

Many of our clients ask us, “What works for neck wrinkles?” Depending on your issue, specific treatments are better than others. If you have vertical bands running down your neck when smiling or expressing, Botox for Platysmal Bands is the treatment that has shown the most efficacy, although considered “off-label.” This refers to using a medication for a purpose not initially approved. For instance, while Botox has FDA approval for treating lines between the eyes, forehead lines, and Crow’s Feet, it is frequently used off-label to alleviate jaw tension.

Sculptra for Neck Wrinkles

Since the horizontal, deep neck lines (tech neck and necklace lines) and skin laxity are not effectively addressed by Botox, Sculptra is seeing an increase in off-label use to treat the neck with good results and minimal adverse events. Composed of poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra triggers the body’s natural repair cells, prompting increased collagen production at the injection sites, strengthening the skin and adding support back. In addition, Sculptra boasts a remarkable safety profile, having been utilized in clinical applications such as dissolvable sutures and bone implants for over three decades and in facial aesthetics since 1999 (in Europe) and 2009 (in the US). 

Sculptra’s effective and natural facial rejuvenations led to “off-label” use in the neck, as evidenced by many small-scale trials and retrospective reviews. These studies have shown significant improvement in neck skin with a long result duration (18 -30 months), high patient satisfaction, and minimal adverse events. 

In one study that used photographic analysis by three independent dermatologists, 81-100% of patients showed improvement in the appearance of neck wrinkles and lax skin, which continued to show improvement at the 18-month follow-up. In addition, 91.6% of the patients in the study were pleased with the procedure’s result and said they would do it again. It should be noted that patients in that study underwent 2-4 treatments.

Does Sculptra Hurt

Many people are interested to know if Sculptra treatments are painful. Since lidocaine is added to the Sculptra mixture at Aluma, the treatment is relatively pain-free. For Sculptra for the neck, we typically use one vial of Sculptra injected into the neck’s subcutaneous tissue using a small cannula to minimize discomfort and bruising. Our patients usually tolerate the procedure very well. A series of 2-3 treatments is necessary for the optimal results. 

If you are looking for Sculptra for the neck in Portland, Oregon, or the surrounding areas, book a treatment at Aluma. We prioritize safety, efficacy, and patient satisfaction for every procedure.

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