Skin Renewal

Skin Renewal Treatments in Portland, Oregon

Aluma is intentional about our treatments. We choose proven, impactful aesthetic modalities and use data-backed, research-driven techniques to maintain and enhance your beauty.

PRF Microneedling

Reduce skin texture concerns with our signature skin surface treatments.

Chemical Peels

Transform your skin’s surface with our medical-grade peels.

What Our Clients Say

“The team at Aluma always exceeds my expectations. I heavily rely on Dr. Brigham's guidance. He knows exactly what to do without overdoing it. He has taught me that a little goes a long way and consistently floors me with my results. He also has the best team who cares about your experience and results."

-Tina J 

"Mikayla was wonderful: kind, careful, and efficient. I am cautious about new practitioners, but after my appointment with her, I know she was carefully chosen to be part of the team."

-Kara D

"Aluma Aesthetic Medicine has been a professional yet relaxing and welcoming experience each time I've had treatments done. The entire process feels like they think of you as part of their team to achieve your goals, not just a client. They even follow up after each treatment visit!"

-Patricia M

"I'd been looking into injections for a while. Seeing a licensed doctor with a wealth of experience made me comfortable with new treatment options. Afterward, my friends and partner commented on how healthy my skin looked. I now feel more confident in my skin."

-Katherine L

"The level of customer service at Aluma Aesthetics is nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Brigham's expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout my treatments. He provided me with personalized recommendations that perfectly catered to my needs." 

-Kaite G

"Aluma has been a wonderful addition to my proactive aging regiment! The services have helped me achieve subtle but highly effective results. The professional staff is amazing and caring. I highly recommend Aluma for all your cosmetic and beauty needs."

-Amelia R

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