The Overlooked Power of Dermal Fillers for the Temples

At Aluma, the most natural and beautiful results are achieved using a full-face, balanced approach rather than just focusing on isolated features. While many injectors and patients fixate on enhancing the cheeks with dermal fillers, there’s an underappreciated dermal filler treatment – the temples. For individuals with temple volume loss, neglecting to treat the temples after enhancing the mid-face with dermal fillers can create a mismatched look, such as overly prominent cheeks or an aesthetic imbalance where the youthful mid-face clashes with an aged upper face. Understanding the importance of the temples is vital to preserving overall facial harmony and achieving natural-looking results.

Understanding Temple Volume Loss, a Telltale Sign of Aging

As time passes, the temples change, losing their natural fullness due to fat pad shrinkage; this creates temple concavity. A depleted temple area alters facial contours, revealing the underlying bone structure near the eyes and cheeks. In addition, the tail of the eyebrow appears shortened and descended, making the eyes look tired. The overall consequence is an aged appearance that may not match how youthful we feel.

How Dermal Fillers Can Help the Temples

By strategically using dermal fillers, we can revive facial contours, creating smoother transitions around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. This subtle volume enhancement effectively minimizes shadows and improves light reflection, restoring a youthful glow. Treating the temples can also lift the jawline and cheeks and increase lateral eyebrow elevation.


Dr. Brigham is treating a patient's temples with dermal fillers in Portland, Oregon.

Aluma’s Approach to Dermal Fillers for the Temples

The temples can be treated with little discomfort. Our technique involves a precise and gentle application of dermal fillers. We opt for a unique two-layer treatment method, injecting a stiffer dermal filler deep to restore crucial support and a flexible filler just beneath the skin’s surface to ensure a smooth contour.

Dr. Nathaniel Brigham, MD, presents a holistic approach beyond singular feature enhancement in pursuing timeless beauty and harmonious facial enhancement. He believes the significance of temple rejuvenation is a cornerstone in achieving natural and balanced results for some patients. If you are looking for a refreshed appearance with dermal fillers in Portland, Oregon, book a consultation with Dr. Nathaniel Brigham, MD, to see if you are a good candidate for treatment.


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