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At Aluma, we believe ideal aesthetic outcomes are grounded in skillful observation and an artistic appreciation of light and shadow, symmetry and proportion, and the overall harmony of facial features. We look for the subtle changes and asymmetries created in the face by aging. Then, after clarifying your priorities, we combine our observations, medical knowledge, and technical skills to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

We’ll say it right out: We are not a medspa. We’re a physician-owned medical practice specializing in medical treatments for the face. We have been, since 2018. Our clients are our patients. And we take the physician-patient relationship seriously. Patient well-being and excellent care are paramount to us at Aluma. So are our long-term connections with our patients. It starts with you having the utmost confidence in us.

And we get it. The world of facial aesthetics is so full of noise, how do you know which treatment or therapy is the best one for you? As a physician-owned medical practice, we only recommend treatments we believe to be in our patients’ best interest. We’ve made the conscious decision to specialize in a few select FDA-approved treatments proven to produce consistent, natural-appearing results.

Ever grateful to be your trusted aesthetic provider, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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