Does Botox Prevent Wrinkles

At Aluma, some patients ask us whether Botox injections will prevent future wrinkles from occurring. This question has intrigued many medical professionals as well. 

Dr. Brigham’s initial response, grounded in the understanding that wrinkles form at least in part due to repeated muscle contractions and consequent repetitive skin creasing in areas such as the crow’s feet, forehead lines, and glabellar lines (“11’s”), leaned towards a hopeful “most likely.” However, he wanted a more definitive answer, so he dove into the medical literature to uncover insights that could provide one.

Research Review

One particularly illuminating study caught his attention. It revolved around a pair of 38-year-old twin sisters. One was a regular recipient of Botox treatments (2-3 treatments per year) for 13 years and had her Crow’s Feet treated twice in the past two years. The other only received two Botox injections over the past 13 years and never treated her Crow’s Feet with Botox. The difference in their wrinkle development was striking. 

The twin who regularly received Botox injections exhibited a significantly smoother complexion, with fewer wrinkles marking her face than her sibling. Even more intriguing was the timing of the photographs. For the regularly injected twin, the pictures were taken four months after her last Botox treatment—a period where the effects should have largely dissipated. This observation hinted at a lasting wrinkle reduction beyond the immediate effects of the injections.

See photos here. 


The overarching findings of this study align with the notion that Botox, by interrupting the cycle of muscle contractions and subsequent skin creasing, potentially plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity of dermal and epidermal tissues. Drawing from this study, Dr. Brigham can more confidently affirm that regular Botox treatments may hinder the formation of deep static wrinkles, offering a pathway to a more graceful aging process. However, he notes that additional studies should be replicated for reliability. In addition, additional pictures should be taken after six months as well to increase study validity. 

If you live in Portland or surrounding areas and are interested in Botox for wrinkles, book a consultation today with Dr. Brigham at Aluma Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Brigham will be happy to discuss the potential of Botox as a preventive measure against the visible signs of aging with you as well. 



Binder, W. Long-term effects of botulinum toxin type A (Botox) on facial lines. Arch Facial Plast Surg. 2006;8:426-431.


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